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Introduction to Next Generation School Management System

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Thủy Cute
Thủy Cute
21 Apr 2021

School Information Management System
Schools, large and small, are looking for empowering and stream-line their management process, just for that OPEN SCOPE developed SIMS a comprehensive School Information Management System that meets the needs of all type of schools. SIMS is built to let you gain time to focus on the important things rather than losing time completing everything by hand. Our system goes above and beyond to help you get an efficient service at an affordable price in a timely manner.
School Administration
This module is the controlling unit for the school educational system management. Through it the subjects and courses are set. Also through it teachers are managed, and what they teach in each year and grade are added as settings. Using it students’ courses and classes are managed. It also includes automatic class distributer where students can automatically be distributed in classes, either random or according to grades and class preferences keeping in mind gender and religion ratio. This module also allow the teacher and class schedule management, supporting more than one time table and schedule system.
Reduce admission data entry time, save parents’ time, and staffs’ efforts using online admission process through the website. Allow parent to fill in all the data through the website and simple retrieve it by a click of a button.

The admission cycle involves everything related to admitting to the school. The process starts with the student application filling. Such application includes all the needed data about the student, his guardian and academic related info. This module also supports admission fees, where the finance admin can set exam fees, and admission fees on the students admitting to school. Also student exams and interviews are managed using this module where grades and results are recorded on the system. The admission cycle ends when the student affair accepts the applicant as a student in the school.
Student Finance
School finance module is a very essential controlling aspect of the system. The provided finance module allows the Finance Admin to control and set the school fees for each grade in every new academic year. The system allows the admin to set mandatory fees, which every student will be charged automatically, and set optional fees where Student Finance Manager can charge it manually for students. The system also allows applying and recording fee discounts and the reason of the discounts. System also supports installments where the student fees can be divided and collected on several installments with pre set due dates. It also allows dropping academic fees with penalty option.
The finance module has also a bank and cashier management support with preset transactions such as transfers, checks and cash. It also supports adding new transaction types. The financial module supports dividing collected fees into separate balances for separate reporting and book keeping.
The finance module also supports dividing fees into items with ordered priority in money collection. For instance the school fees are dived into basic, activities, exam expenses and educational expenses. When the student pays a partial amount of the fees it first goes to the activities, then exam and so on…
Finance module also controls the collection of money through a folder-ing system, where the receipts are grouped by folders. Closed folders are not accessible to normal finance users, where they cannot print, add or cancel financial transactions.

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