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2020 in 5 Minuets | Let's Go back and review Year 2020 (with Cee-Roo) #nosmallcreator #pandamic

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05 Apr 2021

Credit for this Video goes to Cee-Roo


Today I came across his channel and I believe he is one of the best Content creator.

SFX, transition, sound and footages used in this video is superb, awesome editing..

Below details are For CEE-REE if you would like to know more about his channel and contents.

WORLD MUSIC LIVE SHOW: http://www.ceeroo.ch Book now: [email protected] Edited by Cee-Roo Composed by Cee-Roo & FlexFab VFX by Noé Ciompi Mixed by Silvano Käppeli

Watch the previous year reviews: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...

More at: http://www.facebook.com/cee-roo

Complete list of the used footage: http://www.ceeroo.ch/2020list

#nosmallcreator #dubai #UAE #2020 #2021 #pandamic

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