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Cee-Roo | Jimi Hendrix

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Xuất bản vào 15 Sep 2020 / trong Nhạc

Get the Tribute Album "Memories" : http://www.ceeroo.ch

This album pays tribute to 12 great artists whom I crossed paths and worked with.
It was time to round them up on the same record and revive old memories.

TRACK 04 - Jimi Hendrix

"I Remember ...

This monday morning in august, 1968.
Only a few survivors remained on the great plains of the woodstock festival.
I took the opportunity to sneak backstage using the pass my friend joe cocker lent me.

Just around the backstage corner, a voice calls out:

-Hey joe

I turned in his direction. There was a tall guy with an afro. He came toward me, smiling.
With his fingers, he took a lock of my hair, rolled it, and said, laughing:

- Goddamn joe, your hair looks so much like dried grass you could roll a huge joint.

... And that's how I met Jimi Hendrix"


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