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Cee-Roo | Ray Charles

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05 Apr 2021

Get the Tribute Album "Memories" : http://www.ceeroo.ch

This album pays tribute to 12 great artists whom I crossed paths and worked with.
It was time to round them up on the same record and revive old memories.

TRACK 05 - Ray Charles

"I Remember ...

The evening started well. The hall was filled and people were motivated.

The fourth musician to move on stage was blind. None the less, from the first notes of the piano, the room was conquered.

I myself was caught in a desire to tap your feet, and enjoy music at its fair value.
Once the concert ended, i took the last sip of my whiskey and headed to the piano.

I leaned towards the musician's ear and whispered my famous joke of that guy Jack whose wife told him to hit the road.

He laughed.

... And that's how I met Ray Charles"


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