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Kimmese - YSW Official Audio ( Limit Beats )

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Kimmese Official
Kimmese Official
14 Jun 2021

#YSW #Rabfenty #Kimmese
Artwork made by #CSPSOCIETY

Photo & Make Up by Rab Fenty a.k.a Bình Fenty
Listen on SoundCloud

Kimmese Fanpage:


Special thanks to Rhymastic & Emcee L for recording this track, you guys are dope!

Mixing & Mastering: Sony Tran

Link Raw Vocals file:


Smoking weed i know
getting turnt up i know
rolling up everyday get fucked up
yea vigga i know
pour it up every day every day, me and my dawg, one bottle
i drank till my momma, kicked my ass outta home
i was like yolo
second thought, gotta thank her tho
she thinks im a motherfucking weirdo
out of the cage, out of the cage
i flew like a motherfucking eagle
there aint no vigga there aint no limit
cause im gon break thru it
keep my head up high even when im broke
money comes and go like bitches
keep it wicked
young spirit
im a boss of me
aint nobody could stand in my bussiness
getting high but still stay present

im a wild child every momma shud be proud of it
cause i aint got no lie and when i loose the track
find my way out, put myself right back, right back
before ya fucking nag
your daughter got swag, independant
yoour daughter loves you, uncondition
yo daughter keep it one hundred
she aint got no problem

thats why
them vigga talks shit
but i dont care
bitch its my swag, see its space wear
on the stage hands up everyfucking where
while haters keep sayin life is so unfair

im feeling myself damn it
fuck those hater, i go hard
yolo smoking weed
yolo, yolo, smoking weed x2

Few bottles on deck
we party like a hoodstar
we got white widow up in this bitch
so tonight we go hard
2005 ya didnt know me
2017, my name is Kimmese
Im on some new shit bitch
everything i do now i do it for me
i do it for my fans
cause my fans love me
my whole team got my back you see
im a realest vigga in this industry
and i dont even act
i love jagger fo real
you can ask touliver
how many bottles, me and that vigga kill
this is how i feel
home boy i keep it real
my own world is on hand
look it at my hand
from right to left
right to left
u will see one hand is full blunts
one hand is full of stones
if you got a problem, i feel bad for you son
i got 99 probs but weed aint one
but weed aint one

im feeling myself damn it
fuck those hater, i go hard
yolo smoking weed
yolo, yolo, smoking weed x2

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